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Why others are loving it

The 100 Seeds of Promise initiative curates a cohort of male authors and provides a blueprint to transform their ideas into published manuscripts. Members of each cohort are carefully selected from a pool of applicants to create a dynamic group of men that will motivate, inspire and work alongside each other to reach their goals, while building a unique brotherhood that uplifts and empowers the success of fellow authors.



100 Seeds of Promise offers a partnership publishing opportunity that grants each author access to the resources of a traditional publishing deal, with less risk for the author and publisher.


13th and Joan provides support to authors by securing access to distribution and a bevy of opportunities not available through self-publishing options.


Participants in the 100 Seeds of Promise initiative will have exclusive access to our private Facebook community in which authors are able to connect with members of their cohort to motivate, learn and achieve while striving to cross the finish line as published authors.


The 13th & Joan Team will assist authors to construct marketing campaigns that produce continued results from which to build a profitable book venture and open doors of opportunity for additional ventures.


Participants of the program will be tasked with completing 12 author coaching sessions and writing exercises that lead to the creation of a manuscript for publishing. The end result will be an industry standard published work with national and international distribution.


Authors in this program will be equipped with strategies to enhance their brand, drive books sales and establish themselves as thought leaders within their respective industries.

Who Should Apply?

100 Seeds of Promise was established for aspiring authors who are serious about establishing a residual stream of income, publishing written work, investing in short-term growth and development for long-term benefit and collaborating with like-minded individuals through a community of support. Candidates can fall into any of the categories listed below:

Authors of all genres (fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books).

Authors at all stages of development and success (everyone from beginners to previously published authors who have a dozen books in print with major publishers).

Authors who are frustrated because they haven’t gotten the results they want from agents and publishers.

Authors who haven’t started marketing their work yet, who want to give themselves the greatest competitive advantage.


  • stevie-baggs-jr

    Stevie Baggs Jr.
    Professional Athlete | Author

    “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic woman. Ardre has a vision for helping people which aligns with mine and that synergy is what will make our collaboration with 100 Seeds of Promise that much more impactful.”

  • michelleclark

    Michelle E. Clark
    Digital Influencer | Author

    “As a first time author I was extremely diligent about ensuring that everyone I worked with for this book process was qualified and trustworthy. After researching Ardre & 13th and Joan Publishing House, I felt confident in signing on to work with her. She’s proven to be incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and well intentioned since we started planning my October 2018 book release last fall.”

  • thomas-mcclary

    Thomas McClary
    Grammy Award Winning Musician|Author

    “I’ve worked with the greats in the music industry like Berry Gordy and Lionel Richie. Ardre Orie has that same greatness as a writer. She has this ability to pull the best out of you.”

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    Program Director | Author

    “Working with Ardre has been a life-changing experience for me, not only as a new writer but also in my ability to reflect upon my life. She has the ability to extract elements of your story that you may not even have realized were moments of discovery.  I’d say her process is therapeutic even.”

Stories Told
Fears Conquered
Lives Changed


13th & Joan Publishing House

13th & Joan Publishing House provide services fit for any author or aspiring storyteller at every stage of the publishing process. 13th & Joan not only publishes books but also plays an intricate role in crafting marketing strategies to promote and strategically build the brands of our authors through various media outlets and opportunities for organic audience engagement.