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A publishing partnership opportunity for male authors of color

The 100 Seeds of Promise Literary Initiative was established by Celebrity Ghostwriter, Branding and Book Publishing Expert Ardre Orie. As the CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing, Orie recognized a tremendous deficit in the published works for men of color and vowed to create a home for the countless stories that go untold, forcing a lack of representation in the literary marketplace.

100 Seeds of Promise is a high impact, low-risk publishing initiative that empowers participants to complete the process of writing, publishing and distributing their books for national and international markets.  Established as a community of support offering engagement at every level of the publishing process, success is the only option. Innovative in approach, 100 Seeds of Promise, boasts strategies to alleviate pain points that result in writer’s block, publishing and distribution errors giving participants a competitive edge to publish a book that stands out in the crowd. The best part of the 100 Seeds of Promise initiative is that participants graduate as published authors, fully equipped to market, sell and promote their published work without having to solicit outside services to complete the process.





Our program structure is based on our 4 Pillars of Publishing

Strategy: to provide a blueprint for your book and your career as an author.

Writing: to ensure readability, target audience and the art of storytelling.

Accountability: to provide structure and support so that you get your book done.

Distribution: to create innovative methods of engaging new audiences and distributing your book nationally and internationally.

As a result of becoming a 100 Seeds of Promise Author you will be able to:

  • Complete an industry standard published work.
  • Establish credibility as a thought leader.
  • Create raving fans and followers who follow share and support your work and market for you.
  • Expand your network and net worth from the acquisition of writing and speaking opportunities.
  • Earn residual income from book sales.
  • Become a member of an elite community of networking to grow your brand.



Ardre Orie is a celebrity ghostwriter and CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House with over thirty years experience in the industry.




Ardre Orie, known to the world as "The. Queen of Storyteling" is a celebrity ghostwriter, book publishing expert, playwright, film director and CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House. Orie has written for a host of clients including VH1, MTV, WETV, BRAVO, BET, CENTRIC, YouTube, Grammy Award-winning artists, the sports and entertainment industries as well as a bevy of entrepreneurs and everyday heroes. As the product of a single parent home and childhood survivor of domestic violence, Ardre recognized that there was great power in the transparency of her pain through storytelling. Her goal as a media maven is to create platforms and media that allow the voices of those who have suffered from oppressive circumstances to be heard and to create meaningful media that feeds our souls and sheds light on our experiences.

The Reviews Are In

  • stevie-baggs-jr

    Stevie Baggs Jr.
    Professional Athlete | Author

    “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic woman. Ardre has a vision for helping people which aligns with mine and that synergy is what will make our collaboration with 100 Seeds of Promise that much more impactful.”

  • michelleclark

    Michelle E. Clark
    Digital Influencer | Author

    “As a first time author I was extremely diligent about ensuring that everyone I worked with for this book process was qualified and trustworthy. After researching Ardre & 13th and Joan Publishing House, I felt confident in signing on to work with her. She’s proven to be incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and well intentioned since we started planning my October 2018 book release last fall.”

  • thomas-mcclary

    Thomas McClary
    Grammy Award Winning Musician|Author

    “I’ve worked with the greats in the music industry like Berry Gordy and Lionel Richie. Ardre Orie has that same greatness as a writer. She has this ability to pull the best out of you.”
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    Program Director | Author

    “Working with Ardre has been a life-changing experience for me, not only as a new writer but also in my ability to reflect upon my life. She has the ability to extract elements of your story that you may not even have realized were moments of discovery.  I’d say her process is therapeutic even.”

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